G6818 System on Module
    • Size: 52mm*52mm
    • PMU: AXP228PMU
    • Supports different kinds of eMMC. Standard is Toshiba 8GB eMMC ( 19nmMLC technology )
    • Single channel DDR3, default 1GB, 2GB optional
    • Supports power sleep wake up
    • Supports Android 5.1, Linux+qt, Ubuntu operating system
    • Gigabit Ethernet Onboard
  • Introduction

    G6818 System on Module is a new product platform based on Samsung S5P6818(A53 octa core) chip that designed by Shenzhen Graperain Technology Co., Ltd. The G6818 takes stamp hole System on Module and carrier board. It is so strong expandability, supports at most 184PIN, running 1.4G+Hz. PCB designed 8 layers in immersion gold, and is of best electrical specification and anti-interference characteristic, and work stable. It onboard PMU, and with coulombmeter charging, integrating the gigabit Ethernet firstly. The System on Module can be used in MID, POS, PDA, PND, smart home, phone, learning machine, game machine and other kinds of industrial control filed. S5P6818 takes 28nm craftsmanship, built-in high performance A53 ARM octa core architecture. It supports mostly format video decoding, and onboard LVDS and RGB double channels display control interface. Its resolution ratio is 2048*1280@60Hz. Meanwhile it integrates the Gigabit Ethernet controller inside. About electrical level, G6818 is 3.3V GPIO, G6818 is convenient to develop products.
  • Structural Parameters

    1. Appearance: Stamp hole

    2. System on module size: 52mm*52mm*3mm

    3. Pin pitch: 1.1mm

    4. Pin pad size: 1.3mm*0.7mm

    5. Pin quantity: 184 PIN

    6. Process: 8-layer

  • System Configuration

    CPU: S5P6818, octa core Cortex-A53, 1.4GHz+

    Memory: Single channel DDR3 design, 1GB standard configuration, 2GB customizable

    Flash: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB eMMC optional, 8GB standard configuration

    Power IC: use AXP228, support dynamic frequency modulation, coulometer, etc.

    Ethernet: RTL8211E Gigabit Ethernet PHY

  • Interface Parameters

    LCD interface: support TFT, LVDS, MIPI interface output at the same time

    Touch interface: capacitive touch, resistive touch

    Audio interface: AC97/IIS interface, supporting audio recording and playback

    SD card interface: two SDIO output channels

    eMMC interface: onboard eMMC interface, pins are not led out separately

    Ethernet interface: Gigabit Ethernet PHY

    USB HOST interface: one channel HOST2.0, one channel HSIC

    USB OTG interface: one OTG2.0

    UART interface: supports 5 serial ports, 3 outgoing ports, and flow control serial ports

    PWM interface: 4-channel PWM output

    IIC interface: 2-channel IIC output

    SPI interface: 1 channel SPI output

    ADC interface: 2 Channel ADC output

    Camera interface: 1-channel BT656/BT601, 1 channel MIPI CSI

    HDMI interface: high-definition audio and video output interface, audio and video synchronous output

    VGA interface: LCD output interface

    Boot config.: no need to start the configuration, the System on Module boot automatically

  • Electrical Characteristics

    Input voltage: 3.7~5.5V (5V input is recommended)

    Output voltage: 3.3V/4.2V (power supply for carrier board and charging battery)

    Storage temperature: - 40~80 ℃

    Operating temperature: -30~70 ℃

  • Other

    System support: Android, Linux, Ubuntu and other systems

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